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Music In Action Journal is written by and for practitioners on the front-lines of causedriven music education. The Journal applies the lens of Case Study analysis to one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the global development field: ensemble-based learning as a vehicle for social development. Each edition presents a collection of cases authored by field experts that explore hurdles and opportunities faced by music initiatives in diverse contexts, diagnosing root causes and proposing solutions.  By allowing practitioners to learn from what is happening elsewhere, Music In Action Journal promotes valuable knowledge sharing that leads to informed decisions, improved efficiencies, and stronger outcomes.


The case study opinions presented within Music In Action Journal are the work product of their authors alone. Responsibility for the information, views, and other content expressed herein lies entirely with the authors of each case study. The content of Music In Action Journal does not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the Organization of American States or its General Secretariat, McGill University, The Global Leaders Program, The Embassy of Canada in Washington DC, or the members of the journal’s Editorial Committee.

Editorial Board

Dr. Laura Risk, Editor
Dr. Lisa Lorenzino
Eric Booth
Mariano Vales
Santiago Hernandez
Janet Fischer
The Permanent Mission of Canada to The OAS
The Organization of American States
Schulich School of Music at McGill University
The Global Leaders Program
The OA Group

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